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Carpet Repair and Stretching

Depending on the age of your carpet, it may need to be re-stretched. This would also depend on whether or not it was properly installed. The longer you wait to stretch the carpet, the more damage will be permanent. The little bubbles and buckles become more worn as your feet scuff across them.

We can power stretch your carpet to extend its life. With experience in all types of repairs and seams, our experts can take care of these for you.

With many years of experience, JB Steamer provides quality carpet repairs at an affordable price. In addition to specializing in standard residential and Berber carpet repairs, JB Steamer offers expertise in re-stretching, patching carpet, and carpet repair because of flood damage.

Carpet Padding

New carpeting makes any home look and feel more comfortable, but too many people quickly overlook the one item that makes it feel this way: carpet pads. Not only does carpet padding provide cushiness to your floors, they provide acoustical muffling and can hide any unevenness in your floors. But beyond comfort, the main goal of any cushion is to help protect your carpeting: they prevent any unnecessary shredding, wearing, or matting of the fibers over time. Seems like a no-brainer, right? However, like any other home improvement product on the market, the covers which lay invisibly underneath your carpeting come with countless options depending on their location and usage.

For Pad Installation call at JB Steamer at any time. We will offer a free estimate without any cost.

Carpet Installation

Installation is the most critical step to ensure the overall performance and appearance of your new floor. We have professionally trained installers that will make sure that you are completely satisfied with the end results.

Installation is often an overlooked yet one of the most important parts of your new carpet investment. Anybody can roll out a square piece of carpeting, but it takes years to become a skilled carpet installer.

The expert carpet installation specialists at JB Steamer can help you choose the ideal carpet treatment to suit your lifestyle and make the appropriate impression on others.