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Carpet Cleaning

JB Steamer's uses less water on steam cleaning. We rinse out all the shampoo and then we vacuum the carpet with no water leaving your carpets sparkling clean and dry in hours, not days. less water with more suction means a deeper clean without wicking.

Our company uses carpet cleaning solutions that is non-toxic and safe for kids and pets. This perfect carpet cleaning solutions lifts dirt to the surface where it is whisked away with the power of our excellent machines, high-performance units that applies the cleaning solution and then sucks away the dirt and water.

Move in/Move out

Whether you are moving out or moving in or putting house on the market, You can count on JB Steamer to get your carpets as clean as humanly possible and ready to sell, move in, move out or just freshened up. You can be sure that your carpets will be dry in hours not in days. JB Steamer has the best prices in the King And Snohomish county areas. Call JB Steamer today 425-530-6689 and save, or you can also do your own estimate and schedule online on this website.

Carpet Conditioning

Your carpet can look like new again - there's nothing to it. Let our trained professionalsí show you how we can bring back the beauty in your carpet and leather furnishings. It's specifically designed for the cleaning of carpets and leather.

Our cleaning and conditioning system add years to the life of your Carpet and Leather Furnishings:

- Helps prolong the life of your carpet and leather, keep them soft and supple.
- Replaces many of the natural oils that carpet and leather loses as their ages.
- Safely and effectively cleans soil trapped in the pores of the carpet and leather.
- Leaves no greasy residue.

Pet Odor & Stain Removal

Do you have large areas of carpets, or entire rooms that have pet urine stains or odor problems or you would be interested in having the carpets or rugs cleaned?

You need information on Full-Service Carpet Cleaning by one of our trained Pet Stain & Odor Removal Specialists!

At JB Steamer, we are professionals! We specialize in removing pet urine stains and permanently removing urine odors from carpets, rugs, floorboards, furniture and much more.

Three Important Steps:

1. Our carpet & upholstery cleaning process captures the urine crystals, removing the urine without further damage to the carpet, padding, or floorboard as can be caused by excess urine and vomit.

2. Our odor eliminator treatments will permanently neutralize and eliminate urine odors in carpets, padding and floorboards.

3. Our carpet & upholstery cleaning process is great! Imagine having your carpets cleaned with the same special care, and meticulous attention to detail, that your Cleaners would use to clean your finest clothes.